NEW FOR 2017-2018


A 3rd  Edition of  

Women and the Women's Movement in Britain since 1914 

was published in 2015 by Palgrave / Macmillan Educational

ISBN  978-1-137-41493-9 



  • The new edition was updated to include a new chapter on the political breakthrough for women's representation at the election of 1997 and its consequences.
  • It assesses the extent to which employment issues have become the chief focus for the movement alongside the emergence of the Trade Union Congress as a major force for feminism for the first time in its history.
  • It examines the impact of new methods of feminist campaigning using the internet and the spread of fourth wave feminism through British society.



2017 saw the publication of the 5th edition of

State and Society: A Social and Political History of Britain since 1870

Published by Bloomsbury Academic    ISBN 978-1-4742-4345-2

 Major features include:

* A new chapter bringing the story of modern Britain up to date to include the result of the 2015 general election and the E.U. referendum result

* The development of a secure sense of British national identity by 1870 - and why it  had unravelled by 2015

* The evolution of the women's movement from the late-Victorian era to the present day

*  New perspectives on the history of the Labour Party       

British attitudes towards Europe since the 1970s

* The growth of Scottish nationalism since the First World War

* The role of the monarchy in British politics and society

* New bibliographies for each chapter

* New photographs throughout the book

'One of the best introductions to British political history in the long twentieth century available now … State and Society is an accessible and thought-provoking survey for university students at all levels and curious general readers alike'

-          Toby Harper, Providence College, U.S.A.              

'No single text better illustrates the interconnections between party politics and economic policy in relation to their long-term consequences for the lives of individuals. State and Society delivers an engaging analysis of the broad sweep of British history'

-          Charles Upchurch, Florida State University, U.S.A.

'As well as being an enjoyable read from cover to cover, the book is a superb resource for teaching and learning. It also possesses the advantage of being incredibly judicious and balanced'

-          Christopher Hill, Birmingham City University, U/K/

'Martin Pugh continues to be hard-hitting, contentious and disturbing … across the entire period social structures, political programmes, foreign and economic policies, gender relations, industrial and commercial performance, wealth and poverty are among the many matters that come under critical scrutiny in compact, well-structured and easily accessible sections. Connect them, and you find a coherently sustained picture of modern Britain which invites debate and argument.'

-          Keith Robbins, Formerly University of Wales, Lampeter



Martin is currently writing a new book entitled

Britain and Islam

To be published by Yale University Press in 2019



This is a book for the non-specialist. Drawing on his personal experience lecturing at the Aligarh Muslim University in India 1969-1971 Martin addresses a key aspect of contemporary British life by examining the relationship between Britain and Islam across 1,400 years.

  • The book shows how from the outset Christianity, Islam and Judaism were effectively variations on a theme rather than three separate religions
  • It discusses the deteriorating relationship caused by the crusades and the reaction against the crusades during the Protestant Reformation
  • It explains why close personal relations developed between British men and Indian Muslim women (and men) especially in the 18th century
  • It considers how Britain became in some sense a Muslim power even to the extent of defending Islam militarily
  • It explains how this relationship unravelled especially in the break-up of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War and how this led Britain into a disastrous long-term habit of perpetual meddling in the affairs of the Muslim world
  • It explodes fashionable claims about Islam as inherently backward and anti-Western by recounting the record of Muslim societies in India, Egypt and Turkey in coming to terms with Western ideas, science and politics
  • It corrects the current narrow obsession with Islam and the Middle East by showing how widely Islamic societies vary, taking account of the huge numbers of Muslims in places such as Indonesia and India
  • In two chapters on recent decades it examines the extent to which, despite Islamophobic propaganda, Muslims have succeeded in adopting traditional British values such as home-ownership and entering the mainstream through sport (Amir Khan), politics ( Sadiq Khan) and television cookery ( Nadia Hussein)